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How to Dress French

Style tips from the place known for its timeless elegance

Anyone that knows anything about fashion will tell you French women are the essence of being “effortlessly chic.” They know you can never go wrong with classics and clean lines. But how can you polish up your wardrobe with the Parisienne aesthetic? Read on, girlfriend, as we made a list of tips and tricks to assure you don't fall into any “passe” traps (here’s looking at you, Emily in Paris.)


Quality vs. Quantity

Invest in high-quality staple pieces. French fashion devotees will always tell you it´s better to purchase truly timeless pieces than have many low-quality ones. This applies especially to shoes and coats. Think good quality materials, like cashmere, organic cotton, and linen - and avoid polyester like the plague.

Keep it simple!

Regarding brand devotion, French women tend to avoid wearing outfits plastered with logos and monograms. And when they do want to show their love for a specific brand, they prefer to do it via accessories like bags and belts. The rule of thumb would be to keep it more understated, less obvious, and not too “in-your-face”.

Mix and Match

The trick is looking like you aren't trying too hard. Sounds easy enough, right? Once you have some solid bones, a.k.a. some trustworthy basics to build from, you can dress them up to achieve the desired look. You can try the mix-and-matching beloved by French women by complimenting modern pieces with vintage ones — so don't be afraid to throw your mom's silk scarf over that slick new blazer.

Clean Lines and Neutral Colors – Heaven

French style is all about the elegance of neutrals. The big benefit of neutral colors is that you can easily match them with any other piece of clothing.

Pro Tip: As with brand names and logos, get your pop of color from accessories or shoes — red a classic french style contrast against the neutrals.

The Final Word

Mastering the French style is not something that happens overnight; remember, this is just for guidance and to give you a base to start your own journey. Here's the thing about fashion: it's supposed to be fun! So don't be afraid to follow your moods and instincts to take risks with your wardrobe.

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