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StyleSpree Fashion News

About StyleSpree

We are StyleSpree — an online fashion retailer headquartered in Berlin, Germany, London, UK and Delaware, US.

So European

At StyleSpree, we choose our products carefully from an ever-evolving collection of inspiring brands from Europe and the U.S.: from brand names that everyone knows to brands that everyone will soon know. By doing this, our customers access the best in transcontinental fashion for any occasion. Whether New York or London, Paris or Ibiza, we know that the stylish influences that these (and more!) fashion hotspots flaunt give our customers something unique: the chance to create and enhance their style and have fun while doing it. And in terms of fashion, what’s better than an Italian-made leather jacket, US-made jeans, a Parisienne blouse, and heels from Barcelona? We hope you enjoy styling your European-American wardrobe as much as we love curating the store.

So Seamless

Because we deeply believe in bridging global fashion, we constantly work to improve your online experience. We do this by prioritizing excellent customer service and focussing on the utmost in payment, security, and data protection. As for the offline experience, we don’t stop there. We work with the most trusted logistics partners to get your orders to your door on time.

So Human

Long-term relationships with our customers are paramount to our success, and the same goes for our partners and team members. In our StyleSpree offices, we encourage a dynamic workplace whose door is open to all people, no matter color, belief, or size.

On that note: If you are a fashion addict, a designer with great clothes, or a copywriter with a beating heart for fashion and would like to collaborate, drop us a note: