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Neutral colors are perfect for the Rich Mom Style

Go Monochrome this Summer

Let one color say it all.

Catherine, the princess of Wales, loves it. For the Kardashians, it’s a fashion staple. And Jennifer Lopez, well, she rocks it in her activewear looks almost daily. Yes, we’re talking about the monochromatic fashion statement that’s trending well beyond TikTok.

We love monochrome looks across every season, but in fall, you can flaunt it in sophisticated, clean, and nature-abiding colors (think camel, ivory, tans, and greys, to name a few). Yes, if you stick to one color from head to toe (I like to call it 50 shades of the same), you can scale up your style in a minute. Did I mention you’ll also become a part of the “Absolutely-Right-Now Club”?    


How to get started with Monochrome

Go for colors that suit you best.

Most of us know what colors suit us best. And if not, it’s enjoyable to figure it out through trial, error, and success! Below are some colors we totally dig when it comes to fall monochrome looks, but follow your heart — and your senses — when it comes to the base color you’ll hit the streets in.

ivory - pure elegance

Ivory is lush, elegant, and clean, giving off downright luxurious vibes warmer than its white counterpart. On top of that, it brings brightness into the dark days during winter.

Beige...elegant in all shades...

... pink is fun - always...

Show off your Accessories

We all know Accessories are the secret ingredient to turn clothes into a unique style. The shoes and bag you choose to work with your monochrome look can keep in line with the theme or throw you into a new territory. Whatever you go for, do it your way! Matching jewellery is the suttle way of showing off perfection and giving your style an extra twist.

Generally, your outfit should reflect your personality and your style. If you feel comfortable giving your monochrome look an edgy twist, swap up the shoes you think will match the outfit and replace them with something unexpected. Black always works. If you want to go more adventurous choose accessories in a strong contrast color to bring in a Glam effect.

In conclusion

Choosing one color and then matching it with its own family's shades will remain in fashion. Monochrome's ability to create contrast, deliver impact and give an all-over flattering look is just a start. In fact, going “monocrazy” is not crazy at all; it's the perfect way to give off a clean and simple look without having to stress every morning over color combo choices (which, as we all know, can be maddening). So stop the show, and go monochrome. Sometimes one color says it all.